The headquarters of the Pochury tribe lies halfway on the important route to Mt. Saramati in Kiphire district. It is also on the Indo-Myanmar Trade Centre at Avankhung and one can see many Myanmarese Nagas coming to shop in this township for their basic necessities. The place is also famous for its locally manufactured brine salt and exquisite cane furniture, which come from Reguri village. The ancient Pochuries were known for their hunting skills and were believed to have settled in their present site while on their hunting skills and were believed that rice flowed from the hollows of a freshly cut bamboo which they had to chop to make bamboo mugs for quenching their thirst after chasing game for a long period. The Weziho mini cement plant is located in this sub division and one can see many interesting rock formations in this area.


Dzudu Lake/ Zanibu Peak

If Shilloi is no more considered an ‘untouchable’ by the locals, Dzudu Lake is still treated as a habitat for spirits and supernatural elements and avoided by humans.The level of avoidance is such that the locals would not even dare to throw away garbage here. The Zanibu Range and peak next to the lake houses around 10 Chakhesang villages around it. It offers views of Mt.Everest, besides the whole of Nagaland.


Shilloi Lake

Shaped like a footprint, Shilloi Lake is located about 300 km from Kohima. Nestled among beautiful low hills, this lake was previously the centre of superstition and taboos. Now, however, the people use the lake for its water and angling.This water body covers an area of 250-300 sq m.

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