2017 Hutton Lectures Schedule

Date & Time:
2nd December, 4PM

Location [also on Google Maps]
The Kohima Institute
Meluri Road, Ziekezu P. Khel
Kohima Village, 797001, Nagaland
Phone: +917005605596
Email: Info@kohimainstitute.org

4:00PM - Welcome to 5th Annual Hutton Lectures
4:15PM - Inauguration of new Kohima Institute building
4:30PM - Book Releases [Easterine Kire: “Son of the Thundercloud”; Phejin Konyak & Peter Bos: “Last of the Tattooed Headhunters”
5:00PM - Launch of Highlander Books, and Book Release [Michael Heneise: “Nagas in the 21st Century”]
5:30PM - Keynote: Dr. Peter J. Matthews (Ethnobotanist from the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan)
Title: “Exploring the origins of taro in Asia and the Pacific: from the ocean to the mountains”
6:15PM - Discussion
6:30PM - Conclusion / Tea & Snacks

Open to the public