• Historical World War II Cemetery at Kohima

  • Doyang River, Wokha

  • Naga troupes performing at Hornbill Festival


By whatever name people have called this realm, hidden among the mountains of India's northeast,

Nagaland has always evoked a sense of mysticism and awe, intensified by the remoteness of its geographical location




The Hornbill festival is a showcase of the entire Naga culture. It is an annual ten day feature that takes place from 1-10 December. It has become a mega event not just for the 16 tribes of Ngaland, but also the remaining seven Northeast Indian states to showcase the best of their cultural elements. It is a mammoth task for a tourist to cover all the Northeastern states at once, hence this festival provides the ideal platform for getting a glimpse of the eight sisters of India.


Nagaland Festivals in April

1-2 April : Aoleang (Konyak)

1-2 April : Phom Monyu

03 April : Holong Monglashi

16 April : Wangtsunuo (Yimchunger)

21 April : Pochury Commemoration Day

24 April : Tsukhenyi (Chakhesang)