Kiphire is home to the Yimchungrü, Sangtams and Sumi Nagas. It has a strong historical significance because there are a number of stories about the movements of these tribes from and within this district, when they were settling in Nagaland hundreds of years back.

Saramati Peak

With a height of 3841 meters, Saramati Peak is the highest in Nagaland. It is snow clad throughout winter and located on the Nagaland - Myanmar border. Offering a beautiful climb with views of the Rhododendron in its path, Saramati can be reached by taking a three day trek from either Pungro or Salumi, both towns housing visual natural delights and hospitable village peoples.

Mimi and Salumi - hidden villages waiting for the explorer

Mimi and Salumi are two villages that have just the right potentials for any explorer seeking glory or aspiring to attach his name to a natural phenomenon. Housing caves, waterfalls and other daunting natural 'constructions', these villages offer bases for the David Livingstone of modern times.


Caves as one travels towards east from Pungro Town, a big cave can be seen nearby Salomi village. Besides the unexplored adventures that lie within, this cave has a multipoint entry and exit. A hole that measures approximately 4 ft in diameter can be seen inside the cave. It has been proved through garbage dumping habits of the villagers inside this hole, that there is a link between the cave and Likimro River.

About an hour's walk from Mimi village, lie four discovered but not well explored caves where wild animals still take shelter. At this point of time, these caves simply offer thousands of bats for the locals of the region, who capture them by lighting fires inside them. A visual delight from outside, these caves contain a treasure trove for adventure seekers and cavers.

Sukhayap or Lover's Paradise - the cliff of no return

North of Mimi is a cliff that can be climbed only with the help of ladders. This cliff is supposed to be so treacherous that even wild animals cannot take shelter there. It got its name from a local legend which states that two lovers, who were not allowed to be united by the society, gave their lives from here.


Between the mimi and Khonga villages lies this breathtaking waterfall approximately 200 ft high. This can be viewed from the Laluri village in Phek district and it takes an hour and a half to reach the place form Mimi. Three other waterfalls, each about 100 ft high are also located here.

Mihki- the river of salt

Mihki or River of Salt flows near Siphi. The water from this river was used to prepare salt cakes by the Sangphure villagers in the ancient times. These salts cakes were also used as a means of exchange or currency in those days. The Sangtams consider the water of Mihki River as possessing healing attributes.

Fakim Wildlife Santuary

This small sanctuary in the eastern hills close to the Myanmar border was established in 1983 covering an area of 642 hectares. The park rises to almost 300 meters and receives heavy rainfall in June- July every year. This sanctuary houses various flora- fauna, avifauna and plants, many of which have a medicinal value. The reserve is situated near the Fakim village of the district.

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