Peren is the traditional home of the Zeliangrong, and Kuki tribes. The Zeliangrong are formed of three tribes, namely, the ZEmei, the LIANGmei and the RONGmei. The name Zeliangrong is derived from the first few syllables of these three individual tribes. The Kukis are one of the tribes who followed a southerly migration route and were known as Aishen when they migrated from Manipur. Later some of them also migrated to Meluri sub-division towards the Indo-Myanmar border.


Situated in the district of Peren, this little village perched 1950 metres above sea level, houses a unique community where 20 per cent of an animist population dictates the customs and social rules of the majority Christians. A tourist village preserved around the ethnic-tourism concept, Benreu is a living showcase of the endangered culture of these highlanders. With the dense wildlife sanctuary around it, the visitor can literally embark upon his wild safari by staying comfortably in this real animist village. If you are in Benreu, then do not forget to have the Kennie Nku, the local bread made from sticky rice and prepared over a heated stone kiln.

Mt. Pauna Tourist village

This village resort is an extension of Benreu village (separated from it by about 300 metres) towards the south along the Pauna mountianrange. It has 8 double bedded cottages with attached bathrooms and fitted with running hot and cold water. These cottages are built under trees of different varieties, making the occupant feel close to nature. The village has one Morung for the visitors and a three storied restaurant-cum dormitory.

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