Phek is the home district of the Chakhesang and the Pochuries. The Chakhesang consists of three sub-tribes, the CHakhru, the KHeza and the SANgtam. The people here are known for their wrestling prowess and robust health. They live off agriculture and are known for their adeptness in terrace cultivation. The carved fields for such cultivation provide a sight to behold and admire is this region.

Pfutsero Town and glory peak

This little township at an altitude of 2233.60 metres is like a gateway to Southeast Asia with reasonably good surface transport available from Kohima via a 70 km border road. The Place is known for its vegetable and fruit products.

Glory Peak, at 2600 metres is only 3 km away from Pfutsero. It offers majestic views of Mt. Everest in the West and Mt. Saramati in the East. An eco lodge has been constructed by the government at the base of the peak and potentials lie for identifying trekking routes from here to Kapamadzu peak, which is the highest table top mountain in Nagaland. The more adventurous can take on the challenge of discovering these trekking routes themselves.


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