Zunheboto is the land of the Sumi Nagas, who are known for their colourful war dance and folk songs.A very hardy and strong race, the Sumis can also be dubbed as the pioneers of the Naga martial arts.


Ghosu Bird Sanctuary

Located 8 km away from the Zunheboto district headquarters this bird sanctuary is maintained by the village community. Providing habitat to more than twenty species of endangered avifauna, migratory birds can also be sighted here between the months of June and September. In order to make up for the uncontrolled hunting by their people in earlier times, the surrounding village communities of this sanctuary have now strictly prohibited hunting and poaching in this area.


Satoi Range

A habitat of the Blyth’s Tragopan, Satoi Range is a pristine natural heritage of the district. Rhododendrons embellish the place during April and may and trekking is very popular here.

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